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Ten Fun Things to Do While Schools are Closed

Updated: Apr 15, 2020

Today I logged into Instagram and reality TV star Tami Roman posted the funniest video on her @OfficialBonnetChronicle page.

A couple of weeks ago I posted a blog to help adults struggling to deal with the stay at home and safer at home orders issued by local officials. After watching little miss throw her temper tantrum, and rightfully so, I decided to do a follow-up blog for those struggling to keep the kiddies occupied. Let’s call it Q’ Club, with the Q meaning Quarantine.

First, let me say, I am a mommy of three girls, all adults now. I must admit, I did okay. I now have two beautiful grandchildren, so I’m not all that out of touch.

Are you a parent or caregiver pulling out your hair a month into the Coronavirus quarantine? Keep reading for these ten fun things you can do to keep the kids busy and save your sanity.

Why Do You Need a Kid’s Q’ Club?

Unless you’re off social media for a Lent fast (like I’m supposed to be), or you just don’t have time for it, you’ve missed a lot. Adults have been having parties online and jamming out to some great music. It started with popular DJs playing the greatest hits.

Now popular artists are going live and performing one-hour free concerts. If that isn’t enough, channels like TVOne and FoxSoul are hosting old-school performers and conducting great interviews.

Celebrities and everyday folks have been showing off their creativity with fun and engaging TikTok videos to get us through the day. Speaking of TikTok, I might as well start the 10 things here.

1. Create a TikTok Video

If you remember the fun days of doing it for the Vine, you already have the gist of TikTok. It

is a video streaming app that’s been around for about five years but only recently started taking over the internet. People match music to their antics and post to social media.

With TikTok people have reenacted their favorite songs created family dance challenges, and more.

For our Q’ Club activity, I’d like to suggest my two TikTok favorites. Both can be done whether everyone is in the same house or separate locations. Disclaimer: You may need a TikTok tutorial on downloading and installation. Don’t fret, the goal is to keep the kids engaged, right? Learning TikTok can be a new activity.

Multigeneration Challenge

This challenge typically requires a family of four generations. Start with the youngest walking past the camera followed by their parent and then their parent’s parent, and then their parent’s parent, parent. Got it!

You can also do this with siblings going from youngest to oldest and then adding the parents.

Don’t Rush Challenge

A little more intuitive and can span the globe in imagination is the Don’t Rush challenge. I’ve seen doctors going from scrubs to party outfits, make-up artists passing tools to show-off before and after makeovers. High school sports teams have also created their own. Below is an example of the Don’t Rush Family Challenge.

2. Host a Family Bake-off

Who doesn’t love cookies and cupcakes? Q’ Club is a great time to teach kids the basic skills we once learned in home economics. Remember, how to bake, cook, use a measuring cup, read a recipe… Yeah, kids don’t learn that any more.

For homes with multiple children, you can bake cookies and allow the kids to decorate them.

It can be both educational and fun. Use it as a reward for completing school work and keeping their bedrooms in order.

3. Create a Backyard Obstacle Course

Families living in single-family homes may have more success with this one. If you live in a multi-family complex near a park or have access to some open space, it’s still doable.

Create a makeshift obstacle course for the kids to get outside and run around. The health orders are to stay at home and only venture out for essential things. It doesn’t mean you have to stay inside the house 24/7.

Throw some hot dogs on the grill and chill while the kids run around.

Go Old School

Remember when we were kids and didn’t have a care in the world? We could go outside and play for hours on end using our imaginations and a few old-school games. Now is the time to share those activities with the kids.

  • Hopscotch