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When everything you've ever believed about church is challenged by the people in charge, where do you go for healing? When Sunday Comes Will I Still Believe God is a personal journey of self-discovery and redefining the true meaning of church. After working on an administrative staff of a church, my perspective changed immensely. It made me question the customs, rituals and traditions that are carried out weekly in black protestant churches across America and beyond. My journey is probably one many have traveled. It isn't to challenge anyone's belief in God or their spirituality, but to ask the critical question, “What is the true purpose of church?” Is it to win souls for Christ or is it merely a social organization that keeps us from exploring our own spirituality and developing a deeper personal relationship with God? 


If you have ever been in church and questioned where God is in the midst of the chaos and confusion, the answer may surprise you. Sometimes where we are simply isn’t where we are meant to be, and not every problem is ours to solve.  Our relationships are not tied to a building, neither is our spiritual foundation. Most important, not everyone called to ministry is called by God, so never be afraid to ask the hard questions and challenege the status quo.

When Sunday Comes Will I Still Believe God

SKU: WSC-2019
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