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It’s the ten year anniversary of the release of He Loves Me He Loves Not! The debut novel by Tracy L. Darity had readers asking, “Who gave you permission to write my life story?” After reflecting over her work and feedback, Darity has decided to re-release the novel as a four-part series with previously deleted scenes. The series is a lead up to the anticipated sequel.


Experience the joys of friendship, the value of family and the determination of a young woman destined to one day have the love she has always dreamed of despite the many obstacles she must overcome.  You’ll laugh, cry, scream and rejoice along the way.  There will be highs, lows, twists, and turns.  With realistic portrayals that easily transports readers into Khadejah’s life; you’ll see your girlfriend, sister, mother, co-worker, and even yourself in the characters that made this debut novel one to remember.



Mylan - Book 3


Be a good girl, don’t get pregnant, do well in school, and get into a respectable college.  Khadejah Johnson grew up believing this was the formula for a perfect life…the road to her Prince on a white horse who would take her to paradise.  That’s how it went for her sister Asia, who met and married her dream guy, so Khadejah had no reason to believe her ending would be any different. Her mother never told her that the fairy tale doesn’t happen for everyone. She didn’t prepare her baby girl for the reality that not every man is perfect like her father, and her Prince may not come at all.


In book one, we met Justice, who was ten years Khadejah’s senior. Their chaotic relationship taught her a lot about love and herself.  She has gotten her life back on track and providing a home for her two daughters, Jordan, and Elon, who has been diagnosed with Autism. In book two, she is ready to give love another try when she meets Aaron Baxter, a young upwardly mobile brother trying to find his place in Corporate America and life in suburbia.


Khadejah decides she is done with love. After her destructive relationship with Justice and her failed marriage to Aaron, she believes love may not be in her destiny. A night out with a co-worker leads her to Mylan Gaines. Gaines is a fun-seeking, talented, but not yet ready to settle down tech specialist.


Yes, girls want to have fun and Mylan gets Khadejah out of her funk. The lesson she learns in this relationship is that you should never ever fall for the rebound guy. If she thought her relationship with Justice and Aaron had her on a whirlwind, Mylan is a tornado that will leave a path of destruction.

He Loves Me He Loves Me Not - Mylan

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