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Silent WagerSilent Wager by Anita Bunkley

My rating: 3.5 of 5 stars

Silent Wager by Anita Bunkley is the story of Max and Camille Granville, a Texas couple in a financial struggle to save their dinner club, Vendora, which was severely damaged during a tropical storm. Max believes the answer to their financial troubles is in the hands of Davis Kepler, a fast-talking businessman from Los Angeles. As if the Granville’s don’t have enough to worry about with their struggling business, on the home front they have a rebellious daughter who is about to leave for college.

Once things get rolling smoothly, the couple joins Kepler and his movie star girlfriend on a celebrity cruise. Max learns Kepler has a serious gambling problem and uses his addiction to regain control of Vendora.

I felt that the story, although well crafted, moved a little slow. The reader must get almost two-thirds into the book before the story gets moving, but once it does, the pace increases. There are interesting twists and turns, and players in the game, but little intrigue or suspense. However, Silent Wager is a good read with good characters, and good story development.

I have read several of Bunkley’s books and really enjoy her novels that are written in the western era, and during the early 1900’s. I would recommend Silent Wager to romance readers who like a bit of contemporary lit in the mix.

My rating is 3.5 stars.

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