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Flirting with Temptations...Flirting with Temptations... by Janae Marie

My rating: 1 of 5 stars

Flirting with Temptations by Janae Marie is the story of Monica Clayton, a young marketing account executive who loves sleeping with married men. Her friend Rachel repeatedly warns her that karma will come back with a vengeance if she doesn't stop. That karma comes in the form of a stalker who turns her life upside down, and a wife with a score to settle.

If I hadn't read this book as part of a reading/reviewing challenge, I would not bother to review it. As another reviewer mentioned, this book often read like the script for a movie. The book is only 154 pages and contains a lot of staging. The reader is constantly told what the characters are doing, thinking, and where they are positioned. In one scene a character is dreading a visit to his wife, and in the very next sentence, to her bewilderment; he is sitting next to her at the table.


The story was flawed from beginning to end with inconsistencies and improbable scenarios. Story lines moved quickly with no real reasoning. Luxury homes turn into apartments, a businessman who is cheating while away on business actually lives in the same city he was cheating in. A preschool aged daughter isn't mentioned until chapter 7, and when she surfaces she is home alone sleeping although she was just picked up from daycare. Then we have the wives of two of Monica’s lovers being best friends, yet the husbands know nothing about each other. Surprisingly Monica is promoted to CEO of the Miami office for the notable marketing firm she works for (Hhmm, I thought companies only have one CEO). But most perplexing, is when she falls in love with a NBA player who buys them a $1.3 million dollar mansion, but owes $15,000 for a gambling debt that he incurred while in college to pay his tuition after getting a scholarship. He then steals the jewelry belonging to Monica’s mother who was never mentioned in the book, to raise the remaining $500. Being a great fiancée Monica pays the debt, plus $2.6 million dollars in interest. These spoilers are just a sample; I won’t even get into what actually happens in the story.

It is one thing to read a poorly written and executed novel, but what annoyed me more about this one is the fact that the author lists her editor in the credits. Flirting with Temptations could possibly have been salvaged with a development editor, and honest feedback from family and friends. My rating is 1 star.

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