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In Search of Tennessee SunshineIn Search of Tennessee Sunshine by Ms Margaret Johnson-Hodge

My rating: 3 of 5 stars

In Search of Tennessee Sunshine by Margaret Johnson-Hodge is the story of Erica Simpson, a woman in her forties who, like so many women her age, finds herself starting over in life. This is a terrifying time for Erica, life for everyone around her seems to have continued on, but she feels stuck and unsure about the future.

I have read almost every novel written by Hodge, and must concede that In Search of Tennessee Sunshine was not as endearing as her previous books. Hodge stays true to form in her writing about real life issues. She takes us on a journey of self-discovery and renewal, and placing the reader in the heart and mind of the main character. The problem for me was that Erica was not a character I was able to muster much emotion towards. At times I found her to be a bit annoying and as the story went on, I didn't care if things worked out for her or not.

The story started off strong, and I initially became emotionally vested when things didn't seem to work-out for Erica in her quest for love. Hodge teases the reader several times throughout the book with a possible love connection for Erica. The inside look into on-line dating was a plus, confirming that people are not always what they seem. But Erica’s insecurities continued to sabotage her hopes for a new relationship with the man most readers will probably find themselves rooting for throughout the story.

In Search of Tennessee Sunshine rates 3-stars. I am still a huge fan of Hodge and look forward to reading her future works.

Peace & Blessings,

Tracy L. Darity

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