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The Concubine's GiftThe Concubine's Gift by K. Ford K.
My rating: 4 of 5 stars

The Concubine’s Gift by K. Ford K. explores what happens when a sexually inhibited wife, Bernice Babbitt, unveils the secret powers of a infamous concubine. When the author contacted me regarding doing a review my interest was peaked by the synopsis; but the Concubine’s Gift turned out to be totally opposite of what I expected.

The story is set in the fictitious town of Valentine, Nevada, a city known for its famous bordello called “The Cribs.” The Cribs was closed down in 1918 after the owner ruffled the feathers of her prestigious clientele, and many of the prostitutes moved on. One in particular, Esther Lilly, stayed and married one of the town people. It is at her grave many decades later that Bernice and three others meet and embark on a strange journey. One of the people is Ms. Lin, who owns an antique shop and sales Bernice a make-up chest once owned by Blissful Night, a young girl who becomes a concubine to provide financially for her poor family. With each meeting regarding her latest vision, Ms. Lin unveils more about the alluring concubine.

K. Ford K. does a tasteful job in telling erotic tales through Bernice. After discovering a powder in the make-up case that allows her to see into the future, and sometimes the past, Bernice learns more about the sexual desires of the people of tiny Valentine than she wants or needs to know. As Bernice deals with the visions, Ms. Lin uncovers more information about Blissful Night. Along with their two other friends they discover the secret of the make-up powder, but in the end Bernice realizes the truth about herself.

The Concubine’s Gift is a great read that can be enjoyed by most readers, even if you are not a fan of erotica. The stories are told gracefully and allow the reader to use their imagination instead of having the sex scenes splattered across the pages. K. Ford K. is a writer whose work I would read again.

My final rating is 4.0

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