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The OneThe One by Cheryl Robinson
My rating: 3.75 of 5 stars

The One by Cheryl Robinson is the follow-up novel to In Love with a Younger Man (my review – 4 stars). When we left Olena Day she was at a crossroad in a love triangle of sorts, and trying to decide what to do with the two young men begging for her love. When we pick-up the story almost a year later we find that Olena has made a decision…kind of.

The One takes us in a totally different direction—allowing readers to catch up on Olena Day, but also can be a stand alone book. Somewhat satisfied in her choice of men and at a new crossroad involving her career, Olena is given an opportunity to star in her own reality TV show. “Ten Romantic Destinations, Ten Eligible Bachelors, One Difficult Decision,” is the premise of the show that is pitched to Olena but two things stand in her way—she loathes reality TV shows, and she doesn’t know what being on the show would do to her relationship.

Although I enjoyed The One, I didn’t like it as much as In Love with Another Man. The premise of the reality show was a good one, but it didn’t bring the drama to the story that I needed, to make Olena’s decision worth jeopardizing her relationship. The side stories were interesting enough but left no resolution relationship wise for Olena or the other characters. At the end of the story, I had more questions than answers, which seems to always lead to another book.

All in all, The One is pretty decent read, and a good add if you haven’t completed your summer reading lists.

My final rating is 3.75.

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