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Promise (Soul Savers, #1)Promise by Kristie Cook

My rating: 3.75 of 5 stars

Promise by Kristie Cook is a Young Adult Paranormal Romance. It is the story of Alexis Ames and Tristan Knight; two people destined to meet, fall in love, and save a secret society from which Alexis and her ancestors originate. The only problem is Tristan is from an opposing society called Satan’s Minions. The plot sets the stage for an epic battle between good vs. evil, which places the love between Alexis and Tristan in jeopardy.

I received Promise from Cook at the Miami International Book Festival, and although I am not a young adult (aka teen), nor a big fan of romance, I do enjoy paranormal fiction. The premise of the book was interesting enough to give it a shot. Plus, my daughter read it first and thought it was a pretty good read.

The story opened strong and immediately drew me in, with Alexis being stalked on her way home from school, and a mysterious being coming to her rescue. From there we learn a little about Alexis and her mom, who have spent most of their lives on the run. Mom knows the whole story of why they are constantly moving, but doesn’t feel it is time to reveal the entire truth to Alexis. To keep her preoccupied she encourages Alexis to focus her time and energy on a book she is writing. Shortly after her encounter they are settled into a new life and Alexis is enrolled in college. It is there that Tristan reveals himself to her.

Although Promise started off with a bang, it quickly slowed to a simmer. The love story between Alexis and Tristan seemed to go on for far too long, and the constant references to Alexis’s blandness and the beauty of Tristan began to drain me of my enthusiasm for what I thought was to be the true essence of the book—the paranormal aspect. With most romance novels, there is a constant tug-of-war between the hero and his damsel in distress; on this level Cook does an excellent job. However, almost 200 pages into the book I was begging for her to show and tell. Thankfully, the story began to pick-up and the reader finally gets to the heart of the matter, as to why the two opposing factions were at odds, and what was at stake for both sides if Alexis and Tristan wed and procreate. The last 70 pages or so, the book is packed with action and I found myself back at the level of interest as when I started. But no sooner than the pages started turning and the heat was turned up, the book abruptly came to an end. We never learn the significance of the book Alexis is writing, and Tristan literally disappears into a cloud of smoke.

Some reviews for Promise liken it to the Twilight Series, while others claimed that the book contained too much sex. I have to disagree with both of these assertions. I believe the story has enough strength to stand on its own, and strongly compete in this genre. There is a sequel to Promise, titled Purpose, and if the energy found in the second half of this installment flows over, it is sure to be a winner. Cook appears to have found her niche, and I wish her much success with the series.

My rating for Promise is 3.75.

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