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 Teresa D. Patterson , is the author of Project Queen 1 & 2, Uncrossing Her Legs, Ex-boyfriend, In Need of a Joshua Man, Spin Cycle, Panzina’s Passion, What About Your Friends, When There Are No Tomorrows, Fetish, Headlines and Sequoia Denise, Just a Kid. She is the founder of Edit Again Publications. She attended St. Petersburg College and has a degree in business. She lives in St. Petersburg, FL with her three sons and is working on future projects.



When There Are No Tomorrows


After enduring years of abuse, Beth Myers runs away. With someone else’s identity, she begins a new life. No matter where she runs, heartache, pain and tragedy seems to follow. She ends up right back where it all started; face-to-face with the ones who nearly destroyed her. Will she find the strength to confront them or the courage to forgive?


Panzina’s Passion


Inexperienced, sweet, flower boutique owner, Panzina Wilson thinks she has nothing in common with snobbish, arrogant fashion designer, Trevor Grant. For her it’s a case of dislike at first sight the day he enters her shop.


Tragedy throws the two of them together. Trevor helps Panzina through a time of grief and uncertainty and saves her flower boutique from foreclosure. During the course of getting to know him, Panzina comes to the realization that she isn’t and never has been in love with her fiancé, Telvin Coney. Trevor has the love that she’s being saving herself for. But, catty model, Marcia Forbes, has her claws in him, and she won’t give him up without a fight.


Trevor Grant fights hard to hide his instant attraction to Panzina Wilson by being rude and insulting during their first encounter. He isn’t looking for love, especially not in a woman as innocent and naïve as Panzina. When Fate intervenes and throws them together again and again, Trevor chalks it up to divine intervention. He decides to prove to Panzina that he isn’t the tyrant she’s made him out to be. He helps her through a period of grief and rescues her flower boutique. By seeing Panzina through a difficult situation, will he finally be able to accept his own personal loss? Or will the secret he’s keeping thrust Panzina into the arms of another man?


What About Your Friends


Camille Gray, a newlywed, and expectant mother constantly accuses her husband of infidelity. Even though Dexter isn't being unfaithful he does have a new secretary, Meredith Walker. Meredith isn't shy about letting Dexter know that if he does want to stray from his marriage, she's more than willing to accommodate him. Can Dexter resist temptation? April Dillard, a single parent of two, has issues with her son's father, Darren. Because of their on-again, off-again relationship, his selfishness as a parent and her daily issues, April chooses drinking and clubbing as an outlet for her stress. She tries to bury her problems at the bottom of a bottle. Brittany Anderson has her share of men problems. She goes through one bad relationship after the next, often neglecting her children in the process. While she's out chasing her latest conquest, a tragedy occurs. Will she lose her children forever because of her selfishness? While reading What About Your Friends, you will be left wondering about the people and friendships in your own life.





Terrence James is Vicki Holiday's ex-boyfriend. Rejected for the majority of his life, he refuses to accept rejection again. He is determined not to let Vicki go no matter what it takes. He continues to behave as though they never broke up, when it was his doggish ways that caused the split. Vicki tries to ignore Terrence when he begins following her around. No matter where she goes, Terrence is guaranteed to show up and cause a scene. Not only does he stalk her, his actions show a side of him she s never seen. He s vandalizing her property, harassing her friends, and threatening any man he thinks she might be involved with. The last straw is when he breaks into her apartment and is confronted by her new love interest. Will someone end up in a body bag?



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