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Minnie E. Miller is a seasoned writer by age, not by the number of books written. She’s 74 years old and has written three books and two are pending. She retired in 1999 from the Office of the Mayor of San Francisco, California, where she was special assistant to the press secretary. She went back to work part-time because she wasn't ready to sit at home. During this period, she wrote "The Seduction of Mr. Bradley" and three years later, “Whispers from the Mirror,” her latest novel. She believes in a quote from Gustave Flaubert. “The art of writing is the art of discovering what you believe." Ms. Miller is a seasoned traveler, has been to many United States cities and abroad. Ultimately, however, she returns to her native home in Chicago’s Hyde Park community. 


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"The Seduction of Mr. Bradley" is a deeply moving and powerful story of love and humankind. It exposes how fragile sex and sensuality truly is. It tastefully draws the reader into the life of a bisexual man and is told through his eye. Bill Bradley is struggling his way out of an unpopular lifestyle, but a debt is his heaviest burden. He has strong feelings for Jina Cook despite his relationship with his male lover and father image. What happens when Bill reveals his bisexuality to the only woman he’s ever loved? He is well aware that he is in a constant state of emotional war and can be blown to hell. "The Seduction of Mr. Bradley" poses questions many of us are afraid to ask.



Whispers from the Mirror


Before her death, Belle Deville was inextricably committed to her careers as Civil Rights lawyer and news commentator. Her efforts with raising her daughter were less than stellar. Yet, she fought against sex discrimination, for working mothers' main concerns, and for civil liberties. She drilled courage and independence into her only child; however, she didn't find time for much else. The love and faith she places in her mother prevents her from addressing the issues sitting in the back of her mind. Just thinking about questioning Belle’s values weighs on her heart making her feel guilty.


Now, as a result, Brianna Deville hides behind a mask of feminism passed on to her by Mother Belle. Lessons of distrust for the opposite sex and total independence causes her to deny certain facts about her life and the need to explore love. She declares herself celibate to avoid men. Who was her father? And why hadn’t her mother talked about him? Better still, why hadn’t he showed himself to her? Brianna knows she must make some changes in her attitude and work through her debilitating flash backs. She struggles, refusing to be a prisoner of her feelings of desertion.


Mirror-Lady, a guardian angel and apparition, communicates with Brianna through mental telepathy anytime and at any place. Brianna feels she’s a pain in her butt sticking her nose in her business at will. She admonishes Brianna about her ways, tells her she must take the leap of faith to find out who she really is. And it's not Belle. Nevertheless, she finds comfort in Mirror-Lady's words of wisdom and believes she may hold the key to her father's disappearance, or at least the reason.


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