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Tremayne Moore


I never dreamed of being a writer when I was in elementary school. My desire was to be a singer and to be a guest performer on Soul Train (keep in mind, this is 1979-1980). Throughout elementary school, my extracurricular activities were reading (which I was an avid reader) and singing.


I would try to write when I was nine but because what I wrote made no sense I chose not to dwell on it. A few years later, a family member was so focused on being a rapper; he encouraged me to write as he would write songs. When I look back at that period of my life (1986-1987), Hip Hop was starting to get vulgar and I tried to blend in. After a while, I stopped using vulgarity and shortly after, a classmate in high school introduced me to poetry. After writing this one poem with this classmate (in 1991), I embraced the concept of poetry. I didn’t know that God was going to use me to write poetry that would eventually be the making of these books. I was writing what was in my heart at that particular moment in my life while avoiding the idea of writing a book. After taking a long hiatus from writing, I started writing again. When I started writing again (this is now 2004/2005), two sisters in Christ prophetically spoke these words to me: “I have a vision. You will write something that will change someone's life, or even be quoted till the end of time.” Again, I didn’t think anything of it, even though numerous people encouraged me to put a book together. I was focused on writing to be a blessing to someone. In 2009, I released my first book which has now pushed me into prophetic destiny. I encourage you to pursue your passion and talent for His glory, and you too will be pushed into prophetic destiny.


Many lives have already been blessed through the poetry God has given me to write. I pray that you open your heart to His Spirit and that you will allow Him to minister to you. Finally, I pray that you are blessed, highly favored & empowered to prosper under His hand.


"Take it From Her" speaks to the hearts of women as they face abuse, discrimination, misrepresentation, fear, and insecurity. It delves into their psyche and peels away their masks to honorably reveal their plight and ultimate triumph. It is a raw and real look at their struggles as they search and find hope through faith in God's healing mercy and redemption.

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