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Inda Lauryn is constantly changing the soundtrack of her life. She is the author of three books In Time, The People in My Head and One Last Dance, Little Sister? with the latest novella collection The Innocence of Others. She will be releasing her next novel, the paranormal tale Blood Tastes Sweet...hopefully in summer of 2012.


Although she has been writing since her childhood, she only recently decided to pursue her first love as a professional endeavor. A lifelong music and movie lover, she frequently cites her favorite artists and films in her work, drawing inspiration as well as exploring their effect on society. She is currently working on a an afro-gothic novel, two fantasy series, a screenplay and two sequels featuring characters found in the work In Time, hoping to contribute to the ever-expanding representations of African-American women in literature.


Feel free to visit the website http://www.conceding2kismet.com/website and http://c2kfantasy.yolasite.com to find samples of her work, leave feedback and get to know the Kismet experience.


The Innocence of Others 



;Dominique Winters has an unusual ability that gives her unusual insight into criminal psychology. Lisa Tisdale cannot seem to get a traumatic past event out of her system… or the man behind it. Keyara Jones finds her unusual affliction affects her credibility as a witness to a crime. Three women find their lives turned upside when the wrong side of the law comes home.


Inda Lauryn presents three novellas about life and crime with the new work The Innocence of Others. “In Vacuo” blends a touch of the paranormal as Dominique Winters returns to her roots to help track down a vicious serial killer. “And You That I Defend” finds Lisa Tisdale also returning to her former home to get closure with the most important man in her life. “Face Blind” questions what Keyara Jones really knows when she loses her ability to recognize faces as well as her faith in the ones she loves.


Fans of Lauryn’s short stories will also find a few surprises in store for them as well. The Innocence of Others uses crime as its basis in order to explore various aspects of human nature.


One Last Dance, Little Sister?



Kyndyl Freeman has been a marshal for the past eight years. She has good working and personal relationships with her boss Thomas “Tommy” Stitz and her partner Clark Scott. When a major assignment is botched from the beginning, Kyndyl finds herself in the middle of a firestorm.  She also finds herself protecting a man, a British investment banker named Maxwell Keane, who may hold the key to several murders and unexplained disappearances. Things become even more complicated when tragic events from Kyndyl’s guarded past begin to have an unexpected effect on her present and future.


The People in My Head



A woman learns self-defense while a serial rapist terrorizes a small college town and meets the man of her dreams… or does she? (Shallow)  Two childhood friends come of age overnight when the world around them comes beckoning. (Before Night Ends)  A gigolo meets the ultimate hustler on what he thinks is a typical  night out. (The Alaye Agency) A young man learns his parents’ past as he begins to realize his own  faith. (Something Sacred)  A woman and a younger man make a connection at her unusual place of  occupation. (Strange Affair)  An office drone becomes a revolutionary in the not-so-distant future. (The Paper Trail) In a future where dreams can be recorded and used, who will be the  ones to suffer? (Black Level Recog)  Inda Lauryn presents The People in My Head, a complete novella and collection of short stories in various genres exploring the  experiences of a vast array of African-American women and the people  in their lives. Life, love and what the future holds are all subjects included in these sometimes funny and sometimes poignant representations of black women. Readers will either find themselves or explore the lives of others in this  wonderful collection of  stories.


In Time



Amrita Lloyd fled her insignificant California existence in order to find a new chance at life in a cold Michigan college town. Within a few months, she has a steady job she enjoys, a new friend on which she can depend and a promising prospect of a love interest. She is on her way to having the life she always wanted. Only she can’t seem to shake the ghosts of her past, particularly those of a woman called Ingrid and Ingrid’s brother Malik.  With the experimental novel In Time, first-time author Inda Lauryn  relays Amrita’s journey of self-discovery and acceptance as she struggles to exorcise the demons that threaten to make her become her own worst enemy. In the process, she chronicles one woman’s impact on those who come to love her, including her quirky and eccentric new friend EunJung Barton, her boss Monique Carson and boyfriend Kevin Patel with whom she literally collides on their first fateful meeting. Anyone who has ever struggled with overcoming the past will find kinship in Amrita’s story. With the help of her friends, will Amrita reconcile her past trauma to see that the present she holds so dearly will translate to the future she always imagined for herself.


Inda Lauryn

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