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Books and Babes Featured Game

Mary Monroe Literary Scavenger Hunt


If you are a fan of Toni Morrison and Zora Neale Hurston, you will love Mama Ruby and the writings of literary legend Mary Monroe! Details below to play our new game.


Mama Ruby by Mary Monroe

Prequel to the Upper Room


How did Ruby and Othella Mae, from The Upper Room, come to be who they are today?


Find out in the exciting prequel to The Upper Room, titled Mama Ruby. There’s a fine line between best friend and worst nightmare…but there will be a reckoning....


New York Times bestselling author Mary Monroe presents an unforgettable tale featuring Mama Ruby, the indomitable heroine of her acclaimed novel The Upper Room. Now readers will get a peek into Ruby’s early years, as she transforms from a spoiled small-town girl into one of the South’s most notorious and volatile women…


Growing up in Shreveport, Louisiana, Ruby Jean Upshaw is the kind of girl who knows what she wants and knows how to get it. By the time she’s fifteen, Ruby has developed a taste for fast men and cheap liquor, and not even her preacher daddy can set her straight. Most everyone in the neighborhood knows you don’t cross Ruby. Only Othella Mae Cartier, daughter of the town tramp, understands what makes Ruby tick.


When Ruby discovers she’s in the family way, she’s scared for the first time in her life. After hiding her growing belly with baggy dresses, Ruby secretly gives birth to a baby girl at Othella’s house. With few choices, Othella talks Ruby into giving the child away and with the help of a shocking revelation, convinces Ruby to run off with her to New Orleans.


But nothing can erase Ruby’s memories of the child she lost or quell her simmering rage at Othella for persuading her to let her precious baby go. If there’s a fine line between best friend and worst nightmare, Ruby is surely treading it. Because someday, there will be a reckoning. And when it comes, Othella will learn the hard way that no one knows how to exact revenge quite like Ruby Jean Upshaw!




Read the author's interview and entire newsletter BELOW to join the fun! The first three readers to answer all the questions correctly will win a review copy of a Mary Monroe book!


The Monroe Literary Scavenger Hunt starts June 15 and it ends July 15, 2011. Winners will be announced on July 20, 2011 at Black Pearls Magazine: www.blackpearlsmagazine.com


Visit Mary's website at: http://www.marymonroe.org and read this entire newsletter to find all the answers. Mail the correct answers and the questions to Ella Curry at: [email protected] Submit your entry with this subject line: Monroe Scavenger Hunt. Books provided by the publisher for review purposes. Winners will be notified by email.


Here we go.....


1. What is the date and time for Mary Monroe's virtual book release party?


2. _______ was her seventh novel to be published, and it landed her a spot on the prestigious New York Times bestsellers list for the first time!


3. Finish this sentence: Mama Ruby will be my _____ published novel. Within the next few years I hope to do at least ten more novels, my autobiography, a few screenplays.


4. What is the name of Ruby’s favorite older sister?


5. Ruby makes a special place for _______ upstairs and calls it "The Upper Room."


6. Finish this sentence: Now the time is ripe with the renaissance of _____ novels and Monroe believes that she adds to the incredible mix with her unforgettable characters.


Bonus Question to Win a Romance Novel too!


Finish this sentence: “That ______ is the Devil,” my mother said one day. I had been flirting with the Devil for weeks...


If you just can't wait to read the book, Mama Ruby, purchase it from Black Expressions! No purchase necessary to play the game, but we sure would appreciate you posting information from this page to your Facebook, Twitter and social network pages.


You may visit Mary Monroe's book tour page and read more funny articles, GO HERE NOW.


Have Fun and Share the Game with Friends! Thanks for supporting EDC Creations Media!


Ella Curry, president EDC Creations Media Group

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