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By nicole098 "Avid Reader" (Greensboro,NC)

Reviewed by nicole098

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This review is from: Love...Like Snow In Florida On A Hot Summer Day (Paperback)


Love...Like Snow In Florida On A Hot Summer Day introduces readers to the main characters of the story: LaDamien,Kim and Mya.LaDamien is very unhappily married to Kim and doesn't have a care in the world about his cheating ways.


Kim isn't all that happy with her marriage although she loves LaDamien.She knows about LaDamien's infidelity yet she continues to stick by him despite it.

Mya is approached by LaDamien even though he tells her he's married.Despite his marriage they continue to let the chips fall where they may.LaDamien and Mya fall for each other while Kim is left tired of the constant disrespect for her and her family.Will Kim finally wise up and leave LaDamien? Will Mya back down or will her and LaDamien continue to try and have a relationship they both so desperately want with no obstacles in the way?


For the most part,the story held my attention although at times, the story moved at a slow pace.I found the story to be very repetitive.I kept feeling as if I've just read what was already told.There were some things that I found a bit unrealistic but that would mean spoiling it for those that havent read it so I wont go into it.The book could have easily been a hundred pages less than what it was but for the most part I thought it was a fair read.


This book was provided by the author for review purposes.


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