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Tracy L Darity
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3.5 out of 5 stars

By OOSA Online Book Club "O.O.S.A. Gets It Read!" (World Wide Web, USA) - 

Reviewed by: Crystal



This review is from: Love...Like Snow In Florida On A Hot Summer Day (Paperback)


Very married, LaDamien Bryson gallops around town with different women without any regard to word getting back to Kim, his wife. Unhappy, miserable and stuck in a loveless marriage, LaDamien resents Kim for staying and wishes she would finally get enough gumption to put them both out of their misery.


While Kim is far from happy, LaDamien is the love of her life. Sure she knows about the countless other women, but once the novelty wears off, he's back home being the loving husband and doting father that she knows he wants to be. It's not really his fault; those women should just find a man of their own!

Mya Blake has admired him from afar for years. He's become a familiar face, yet the two have never actually met. He's everything she desires. However, she is uncertain if he's ever even noticed her. Once the introduction is made, a flame ignites ensuring that this time, this is all together different.


LOVE... LIKE SNOW IN FLORIDA ON A HOT SUMMER DAY written by Tracy L. Darity was a sufficient read. At 394 pages you meet basically all of the key players, but the magnitude of some of the desperate situations never really seem to make themselves known. While it overflows with desperation and drama, the story quickly becomes repetitive, at the same time begging you to ponder WHY. Desperation bleeds from the pages. While it isn't my intention to be a spoiler, I feel like not enough pertinent information went into explaining exactly why characters were portrayed in such a way. I'm unsure exactly how the title fits into the story and the editing is tainted as you'll find "me" is used instead of "my" and "her" instead of "here." I did like the way the bible verse 1 Corinthians 13:4-8 is used as the page break.


NOTE: Reviewer received an Advanced Readers Copy.


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