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5.0 out of 5 stars

By L. Romich "Book Nympho" (Akron, oH)

Reviewed by Leona



This review is from: He Loves Me He Loves Me Not! (Paperback)



In HE LOVES ME HE LOVES ME NOT! by Tracy Darity, the story opens with Khadejah Johnson having three months to go before she graduates from high school. Here she begins dating Terrance Newsome, the school basketball star, who is destined to go to the pros. Things seem to be going well between the two...that is until his ex-girlfriend becomes pregnant.


Khadejah is hurt from the betrayal, so runs into the arms of a sexy chocolate complexioned man. Thus, enter Justice whom is ten years older than Khadejah and has the reputation for having a fetish for teen girls. Justice runs the local night club Cassie's. Although Khadejah fails to heed to the countless warnings from family and friends to stay away from Justice, Khadejah embarks on a six year relationship with him. During this relationship she will embark on an emotional roller coaster ride, with his indiscretions and his shady ways. Eventually she gets the courage to walk away from the relationship.


Later Khadejah meets Adrian Baxter, whom is trying to climb his way up the corporate ladder, no matter what he has to do. From there we meet Mylan Gaines, who has a thug swagger to him. Different than any man she has ever dated. Their relationship is mainly on the physical side, that is until she begins to catch feelings for him. Mylan is just not ready to settle down...or at least that's what he leads her to believe. Then somewhere in the mix, Terrence Newsome re-enters Khadejah's life. He will do anything to reclaim the love he once shared with her.


HE LOVES ME HE LOVES ME NOW is an awesome debut novel by Tracy Darity. This book reads like a true to life story. I guarantee you will recognize someone in one of these characters whether it be a family member or friend. In reading this there were so many twists to it, I just had to sit back and enjoy the journey that Ms. Darity decided to take me on. I laughed at some parts and got angry with Khadejah's character at others.


Although the size of this book may look intimidating and you may be looking at it like, it is going to take me forever to read this, get that thought out of your head right now. The story flows with so much precision and it is so realistic that you will be flying through this novel. I appreciate that fact that the author did not try to drag this out to be a sequel.


This was an excellent novel. A recommended read! This is one of those novels that you will always remember.


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