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5.0 out of 5 stars By nicole098

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Reviewed by nicole098

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This review is from: He Loves Me He Loves Me Not! (Paperback)


He Loves Me He Loves Me Not takes us into the life of Khadeja Johnson.From a young teenager having fun and about to graduate high school to growing up becoming a young woman going through alot of obstacles in her young life.

Khadeja comes from a loving family.Seeing how happy her parents were,she thought it would be the same for her.Her first real boyfriend,Terrence gets his ex-girlfriend pregnant.Khadeja seeks comfort into the arms of Justice, a man ten years older than she is with a bad boy persona.Soon they are living together and Khadeja finds out about the other women.She wants out but finds it's easier said than done.


Throughout the book Khadeja goes from one relationship to the next and so forth.Alot of men turn out to not be who she thought they were and it leaves Khadeja on an emotional roller coaster and ready to not look for a man.Will Khadeja find that special someone or will she let that special someone find her?


This book was really long but I enjoyed it.It was fast paced,not predictable to me at all and well written for a debut novel.I think this is one of those books where women can relate to Khadeja.We have all been in Khadeja's shoes at one point or another in our lives.

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