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4.0 out of 5 stars

By OOSA Online Book Club "O.O.S.A. Gets It Read!" (World Wide Web, USA) - 

Reviewed by: Tange


This review is from: He Loves Me He Loves Me Not! (Paperback)



Tracy Darity follows the life of Khadejah Johnson. From an adolescent to adulthood she is taken on a rollercoaster ride in search of love and happiness. Khadejah goes through various stumbling blocks and challenges as well as experiencing what life has to offer. With loving family and friends in her corner, will she be able to have a peace of mind and the stability she's been searching for?


"He Loves Me He Loves Me Not" was an incredible read. This debut novel was pretty hefty but it was well worth it. Tracy takes the reader through realistic scenarios that in some way we can relate to. My emotions got the best of me while reading this book. The characters were very enjoyable; you'll come to love Khadejah as your own daughter or sister and want nothing but the best for her. As women, young and old, we go through different experiences and adversities in our lives - some good and others not so well. But we push forth and strive for the pot of gold at the end of the rainbow.


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