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Friday, April 9th, I attended a Girls Night Out event at Total Beauty Day Spa, located in St. Petersburg, FL.  I came across the event while viewing www.ThePowerBrokerMagazine.com.  Because this event was something in-line to a project I am about to embark on, I gave the owner a call and asked if I could attend and set-up a table for my books.  She graciously agreed.


In attendance was about 20 beautiful women, including the owner Sylvia Russell.  It was such an awesome experience to be a part of this sisterhood of positive, fun-loving, women who made time in their busy schedules to fellowship with one another.


I think, as I have mentioned before, that I believe the "Girls Night/Day Out Concept" is a phenomenal way for women to get together and network.  This is the third outing I have attended.  The first was at the home of a friend, the second I was invited to by a friend.  Each event was very festive, and the attendees just relaxed and had an awesome evening enjoying each others company.


Besides myself, was one other entrepreneur.  Felita Gale McNeill owns a fragrance company and she brought along some of her fabulous scents.  While her website is under construction, you can reach-out to her on FaceBook


Special thanks to Sylvia Russell, owner of Total Beauty Salon & Spa, for allowing me to crash the party, and thanks to all the women who picked up their copies of "He Loves Me He Loves Me Not! and "Love...Like Snow In Florida on A Hot Summer Day."  The salon is  located at 2244 First Avenue North, in St. Petersburg, FL. 


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