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This weekend I was scheduled to participate in the Multicultural Literature Advocacy Groups 1st annual Books By The Bay conference and book festival, in Mobile, Alabama. However, due to low participation of authors and vendors the event has been postponed until later this year. When it is rescheduled I will definitely make an effort to participate, not only because I was named 2009 Best New Author (see list of all winners below), but also because I believe it is going to be an awesome event for authors, aspiring and established, as well as readers.


April 5th - 11th, the Augusta GolfFEST was scheduled to take place with an author’s pavilion August 9th-11th. As I was making final preparations to participate in this event, Tiger Woods announced his return to golf, hotel room rates tripled, and the festival organizers announced the event was being rescheduled until April 2011, due to lack of sponsorship and the economic downtown. Again, this would have been an awesome event and I have bookmarked it for next year.


Whether it is the poor economy, the rigid winter, lack of advertising, or just authors/vendors losing patience and money; new book festivals geared towards minorities do not seem to be fairing well. I reside in an area that is limited in terms of minority owned bookstores and book festivals are almost none-existent. Personally, I love literary festival and think they are a great way to meet new people and introduce them to authors they may never meet or be exposed to otherwise. It is also a good way to meet other writers who I correspond with over the net.


One factor that may play a huge part in book event cancellations is the cost to participate and the uncertainty of knowing if they will be well attended. There was a festival in Tallahassee, Florida this weekend that I thought had a good concept. They charged authors $30 to set-up a display and then the event organizers handled the sales. There was no need to man your table all day, and bathroom breaks and lunch, weren’t an issue. Where this concept lost me was, I felt the sales percentage they were charging was a little too high. I can understand the $30 fee because it covered table rentals and other incidentals. Had the sales percentage been around 10 or 15% I would have participated. This would have worked for me because if attendance was low I didn’t lose, and if it was high the $200-$300 dollars paid to the organizers would have been worth it. This is just a thought for anyone planning an upcoming event.


As I mentioned earlier, awards were to be presented at an awards banquet for MLAG. Here is the list of winners.


CONGRATULATIONS to the following 2009 Living In Color Literary Award Winners:


Best Children's Picture Book:

Title: Grandmother, Have the Angels Come

Author: Denise Vega

Illustrator: Erin Eitter Kono

Publisher: Little, Brown, and Co.


Best Children's Middle Grade - Non-Fiction

Title: Native Musicians in the Groove (Native Trailblazer)

Author: Vincent Schilling

Publisher: Seventh Generation Books


Best Young Adult Fiction

Title: The Conductor 2, Some Victims Some Survivors

Author: R. Jay Jay Johnson

Publisher: R. Jay Jay Johnson Publications


Best Autobiography/Biography

Title: Ruins of a Society and the Honorable

Author: Al Bermudez Pereira

Publisher: Al Bermudez Pereira


Best Adult Fiction - Romance

Title: One Week Gig

Author: Rufus Curry, Jr.

Publisher: Be Reel Productions, Inc.


 Best Adult Fiction - Other

Title: Zoned

Author: Cee Brooks

Publisher: Sensations Publishing


Best New Author

Title: He Loves Me, He Loves Me Not

Author: Tracy L. Darity

Publisher: Booksurge Publishing

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