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Teganjaz Books Presents...Author, Tracy L. Darity

Bringing you the best in contemporary fiction, one book at a time

A View From Tracy's Point Start Discussion

   A View From Tracy's Point

Join the conversation.  Here you will find my thoughts on literary events and books I have read.  In addition, you can check-out how others rate my work, as well as explore some books you may otherwise never hear about.

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The Journey

An inside view of my travels to Book Fairs, Festivals, and other events where I am offering my books. Want to know what these events are all about, take a peek inside.
over a year ago
by Tracy L Darity

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Book Reviews

1 = Not Impressed; 2 = Probably would have enjoyed it if there weren't so many technical issues; 3 = I liked the book 4 = I really enjoyed it and will recommend to Avid Readers 5 = I LOVED THIS BOOK
11 months ago
by Tracy L Darity

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Book Reviews (Tracy's Books)

Have you read "He Loves Me He Loves Me Not!" or "Love...Like Snow In Florida on a Hot Summer Day?" Well I want to know what you thought? Write your reviews, comments, or kudo's here.
over a year ago
by Tracy L Darity

Writer's Lounge With TracyTopicsPostsLast updated

Look Who's On The Couch in The Writer's Lounge

The Writer's Lounge is now open. Check-out my guest author's as I host writers from around the world.
over a year ago
by Tracy L Darity