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What If There Was No God

Posted on December 18, 2011 at 4:40 PM


What if there was no God…no scriptures to quote…no well intended words of encouragement…and no catchy sayings. What if there was no God because He decided we could be the comforter, the healer, the provider, the answer to each other’s needs. What if it was just us, standing face-to-face with people just like us, who have real problems, and need real help…and that help could only come from us?


Whether you or I want to admit it, people with real problems come and go in our lives all day everyday and all we offer is words that can never measure up to the actions that we can produce. We constantly talk about a God who can do all things but never consider our role in getting it done.


Someone could need a hug just to know what it feels like to be touched, because they haven’t felt alive in months, but we’d rather say “God is a comforter.”


School is now out for winter break and the family that relied on free breakfast and lunches as a source for food, must now figure out how to make it through the next two weeks. We hear these stories on the news and say “God please make a way.” Yet, we haven’t donated one can good to a church or other organization.


The car belonging to someone you know has been sitting on the side of the road for days. You learn the car is out of gas. Instead of giving them a few dollars so they can, at the very least get the car home, we chose to shake our head and say a half-hearted prayer like, “God I hope they get some gas before they get towed.”


You haven’t seen the lights on in your neighbors’ house in a week, and come to think of it, that was the same day the guy from the power company was turning off your street as you were returning home. So you start checking to see if a light comes on after the sun goes down, and mumble, “Lord I hope their lights aren’t off,” instead of going over to see if there is anything you can do to help.


Someone you know has been out of work for over a year, their background is in Information Technology; you know your company has an opening in the mailroom stuffing envelopes. Rather than make the suggestion you just say, “Something will come-up soon, just trust God.”


Someone you know hasn’t been feeling well lately. Truth is, money is tight and they can’t afford all of their medications each month. The canned response, “God is a deliverer,” as you wonder why they haven’t looked into getting help from some of the programs out there.


I’ve long believed that when people are going through whatever they are going through, the last thing they want to hear is words. No matter how well-intended, encouraging, of heart-felt they may be. Even if we’ve gone through something similar and survived, our experience is not their experience, and our pain is not their pain. When someone opens up to us and share their problems they want to hear that we care and that we may have a suggestion or answer that can help. Otherwise, they never would have opened up to us. Oftentimes, if we just stopped long enough and set our own priorities to the side, and really listened, we’d know that we could do a little more.


So the next time you want to say, “God answers prayers…will make a way…can do all things,” or the next time you want to tell someone, “It’s not that bad, you still have this or that,” why not go beyond the convenience of words, and ask yourself if you hold the answer to the problem. Yes, God is all the things we say He is, but the world can’t experience His goodness if we aren’t willing to be the vessels He uses to work His miracles in the lives of others.


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